The Looking

New York City based artist Todd Carter blends his talents as a singer, producer, composer, and Indie label owner. His musical roots started in Indiana in his parents’ garage with The Bluko Chiptones and grew through the experimental/noise band Spaceship Beelzebub and the indie-folk band The Brothers Blessit. His diverse taste in music is evident both in his personal body of work and in the artists represented on his label, Astraea Records. Todd’s company and artistry varies from Americana to Trip Hop, from New Wave to Electro-Acoustic.

Parmidian One

…a spaceship circling the planet, an ancient statue of askesis.


“They are Radiohead’s ‘Amnesiac,’ minus the Thom, plus the Ali Rogers.” – Culture Shock Fronted by Ali Rogers’ strong yet soothing alto, New York trip-hop band Puracane’s music combines flowing, hypnotic electronics with more organic sounds from string and percussion instruments. Though the band has performed in various incarnations since its start in 1999, Puracane today consists of Rogers (vocals), Juan Masotta (guitar/electronics), Chris Lee (bass), Uka Gameiro (drums), and, at live shows, Hannah Thiem of the band Copal (violin).

Mobile Wash Unit

Andy met Todd at University of Chicago Divinity School. They both continue to do philosophy and theology now in NYC; it also shows in their musical collaborations. This site is meant to highlight this element by hosting a series of trance inducing electronica and psych folk songs by Mobile Wash Unit produced by Todd. The record will be called Tent. Let these songs provide a soundtrack to your meditations and thought and raise your consciousness, to open your mind through your body. Listen and feel the beat, feel loved, and get in step with one another.


Many days of the week Camomile is trying to catch the melodies floating around her head, a little like catching butterflies in a net. When she least expects it, the net contains something shimmering and full of life. Camomile’s self titled EP, and the forthcoming full length debut album Black Horses, explore joy, loss, alienation, and the longing to know the Divine.