Though the singer/songwriter Camomile lives in Manhattan, it can take a far-flung destination like Reykjavík, Iceland for a song to be written. The rhythm of the water, the quiet of the forest and sound of that stillness sparks melody, harmony, and poetry. After the initial creative flow, her compositions must be measured against nature to make sure it’s a perfect match. “I make a recording and get in the car and drive.” When Camomile lived in California, she would head straight for the desert; now she sets off to Lyme, Connecticut, to find open fields and roads surrounded by ancient trees. “My music seems to come from the sky and has to be tested against it,” she says. “The more nature on the drive, the better.”

Camomile’s self-titled EP and her full-length debut, Black Horses (due in spring 2010), explore joy, loss, alienation, and the longing to know the divine. While many songs on Black Horses are rooted in ambient, electronic blips and beats fronted by Camomile’s breathy soprano, the singer shows her versatility in tracks like “Stay With Me Tonight,” which has a country-tinged acoustic twang, and the easygoing “Precious,” which is rooted in acoustic guitar and piano. The haunting “Far Away In Heaven” is about a childhood friend and the pure love that died with him, and “Let the rain fall” explores the love that chains a person to an unhealthy relationship.  The title track “Black horses” visits the demons and the guilt and shame associated with being drawn to that darkness.

Camomile’s work has been influenced by such artists as U2, Yes, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Björk, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Sarah McLachlan, Sigur Rós, and Peter Gabriel.

In addition to composing and singing, Camomile plays guitar, ukulele, and the harmonium. Her vocal training was done with Edna Lind, a former soprano with the Metropolitan Opera Company and coach to many singers there, and with Mala Ganguly, the renowned vocalist from Calcutta who trained Camomile in the light classical and devotional music of North India.

Camomile is currently writing music for a record of Bhajans, or chants, which will fuse East Indian instruments including the tablas, sitar, sorod, tanpura, and harmonium with western guitar and electronica. The ethereal vocals will blend Bengali, Sanskrit, and English. Camomile is always interested in the progress of music and ways of using the ancient sounds of the past and incorporating technology to create music for the future.

Camomile is also working to end childhood poverty through education in Tanzania Africa with her collaboration with the non-profit organization “Make a Difference Now”.  This past Summer she taught music to Aids Orphans there and introduced them to the ukulele.  She is also committed to environmental conservation, organic faming, and the humane treatment of animals.

Black Horses track listing:

“R U Human”
“Black Horses”
“U And Darkness”
“Summer Turned To Winter”
“Running Still”
“Stay With Me Tonight”
“Let The Rain Fall”
“Far Away In Heaven”
“Static On The Wavelength”





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