Mobile Wash Unit

Clear the way, that’s what they do: the subway. The name “Mobile Wash Unit” comes from the NYC patriots that clean the subways. Their trucks were always passing by the late night practice sessions at Andy’s house in Greenpoint, so he thought it fitting to name the band after them. The task at hand for this Mobile Wash Unit, though, is to clean your head: going from just Me to a group of We to a collective Us. Andy got his first guitar when he left Emory to attend University of Chicago Divinity School. He had played bass in several Atlanta bands between his time in the physics lab and traveling to debate tournaments. Yet, he expected a life of solitude in his new theological world. Indeed, after he got a four track, he disappeared for hours after the daily 8am greek class. Still, he managed to get through–even though he spent more time talking to his advisor about Bob Dylan than his thesis. He moved to New York to start a philosophy PhD program and work in a church on Park Ave. He teaches philosophy at the City University of New York.