I was in a flower bed
I was looking at my head
I had a deranged arrangement that these flowers fed
I had a looking glass, a sea-scope, a see-through open vest
I had a blank expression as the sun set in the west.

I had a causeway, running through my head…

I had a bag of tricks
But I left them on shore
I had a sure footed lightning step I’d stolen from you
Had a long-haired chain that I kept ‘round my neck
With two bits of string that I kept while I slept

I am on my way back down
Taking two steps back, never forget where I am at
I’m all alone in this town
The sun has set and I am trying to be what I forget
On this road
Trying to find my way back home
I don’t know who I am
If I try I think that I’m gonna die

I was in a row boat
I was floating on a lake
Had a strange ol’ feeling that these flowers hated
I had a fire burning deep inside
Before I knew it I was struck from behind

Feeling Falling

Your favorite side is what you hide
But you’re sufferin’ through a test
The underpass is what you like the best

You Remain unchanged, but the one you blame
Is taking of her gloves
To fight his way through everything that strayed

I was feeling a fallin’ faded eye
Land on something new
Destiny won’t come between
My dreams and what’s in view

The day divides the night in time
From bluer moons in June
The lovely light goes out inside of you

The sunset sends the other end
To take your place today
Your hide and seek was never meant to be

Once upon a time you see
You loved me more than yourself
You came upon a mystery
And lost it like everything else

You felt the touch of one you love
But turned to no one there
It disappeared so far away from here

You died alone without a home falling from the earth
It hits the ground with the sound of tears

The World is Calling

You’ve been sitting alone so long
Waiting for your world to come
Rain keep pouring down
You’ll never see straight now

It’s not out looking for you
But there in the rain
The World is calling your name

If you’re silent in your mind
Come now please take your time
Clouds are moving slow
And they got nowhere to go

Go Straight head
Your life is running towards you
There’s nothing you can
But watch the rain and
Let it strike you

All the scales are falling from your eyes
While the weight of the world turns to light

Glad to Meet You

My moon lit baby
You’re the color of the sky
Calling me softly
Out of my mind
My wind swept beauty
You’re like a blue bell’s chime
Bringing me sweetly to what I want to find

Love’s a bird song’s beauty
Floating through the night
Showing me slowly
Your blessed secret sights
My blue colored angel
You’re shining in the light
You call me out of my shell
With your muses’ delight

I ‘m the one who loves the world
There’s no escape from what I’ve heard
Calling out of a wishing well
I don’t know if I’ll survive to tell

I’m really glad to meet you
Meet you in love
It only took a moment
And I was shaken from above
I ‘m standing where the the light now
Descended like a dove
It only took a moment and I couldn’t get enough


Oh my love for you will never fade
Even if I vanish without a trace
I will love you, evermore

Lead me on and cut my hands with salt
My shrunken head is without a fault
I will love you, evermore

Oh rejoice and dance my dark friend
Oh your highness change my life again

This emaciated space is fine
Only if it left me with my mind
I would love you, evermore

Burning Doves

All my friends and I
are turning to vapor and to light
We’re gonna fly away on the burning sun

We’re gonna mark our wings with love
We’re gonna shape our hearts like a burning dove

All my family and I
Are marching to the funeral pyre
We’re gonna watch our skins
Burn in the night

All my children and I
Are destroying what we know’s not right
We’re gonna light a fire and let the baby burn

Waiting for the Water

All my life I’m waiting for a miracle to take me from this wasted land
Waiting for the one that stares a deeper, blanker gaze than I can dare to read

Listen to a story told to me before I left the shore it took my mind
this time too long to see

All my waiting for the water dries me out
And I can’t even dream

On this ledge I place a glass for you to pour your heart and soul into
Drink it down till I have known your secrets gone to share don’t belong to you

In my heart the darkest part it never sleeps
Down so far you never see the rest of me
Gone too far I can’t get back to where I’ve been
Since you’re gone I haven’t been the same again

Breathe me Down

Breathe me, breath me, breathe me down
Never fast but cherry round
Pick your colors and save your eyes
I’m a pirate dance in broken time

Oh, the marking on my head
Bound me close to the magistrate
Hands and bones and pickled ears
He said, “There is no such thing as fate”

One Two Three Four Five
I know I’ve lost my mind
There is a stranger in my shoes
Laughing all the while

Isadore Ducasse had a festered barrel organ
In South Bend Indiana I’ve seen him there before

He said, “Take this air and paint it pink and drink this bliss from a well. I’ve seen your face in the morning light and I love you more at night”

If a marble statue starts to speak her memory
Of her love for nothing
You better run after history

Breathe me, breathe me, breathe me down
Never fast, but cherry round
Pick your colors and save your eyes
I’m a pirate dance in broken time

A Stray Curl

A stray curl moves my memory
Bright eyes lit my face
I don’t care what I think tonight
I only want to say:

The radio is telling me
Salvation is found only in our dreams
But tonight I know that everything
Is exactly as it seems

Where did you go?

My head is in my legs right now
The world is made of steam
Traffic light turns red right now
And I know what it means

The carnival is over
And everything
Made brand new
But I wouldn’t need to say that if I was with you

Where did you go?

Sad questions you’re asking me
Which way I want to go home to see
Where did you go?
Dark tress flying through a windless sky
My voice means nothing to me
Where did you go?

Black-Eyed Jim

Oh I’m trying to find
How he made me lose my mind
How he made me crazed
He cheated, stole, and busted up he place

Gonna start all over
Searching for him…

Yeah, I’m feeling scared
He might come, come and cut my head
Leave me for dead
Better run, run and find my bed

I called him a a blasphemer with no name

Black-eyed Jim
He knows how to win
Faster than a joker’s grin

His hand showed an ace of spades
The queen of hearts all dressed in her brocade
Looking down I saw in his boot
3 cards caused him all his loot

I called out to angels to go searching for him

Inside a Bunny

Inside a bunny
When we get it on
All are one
Oh and Man, if you don’t believe
You can’t ask the bunny
It’s too late
If you want to know who the bunny hates
Don’t imagine yourself
Think of all
Think of your enemies
Relegate your past to a series of lies